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LED T8 Series

Synergy LED T8 series delivers high color quality and accuracy in various color temperatures. Its innovative oval shaped design allows for more uplight than other LED replacement lamps, creating more uniform light output during its 50,000-hour lifetime.

LED MR16 Series

LED PAR38 Series

LED A50 Series

Synergy LED lightings are carefully developed to ensure that the optical device, mechanical functions, electrical designs and heat dissipation are optimized to deliver the highest quality.

Features & Advantages

  • Riveted heat sink design.
  • Single light source.
  • CE and UL certified.
  • RoHS compliant, environmental protection, recyclable.
  • 99.7% pure aluminum and dented heat fin to increase thermal conductivity.
  • Two solutions for LED: CREE MC-E LED (PLUS series) / EPISTAR Chip.
  • 99.7% pure aluminum and a riveted structure ensures the lightest weight and thus the greater efficiency.
  • Revolutionary in the field of thermal management solutions, achieve a significant reduction in heat transmission.
  • IP 65 rated (industrial International protection level): Protected against dust and low-pressure water jets.
  • Sensor Products

    Occupancy Sensors


    Automatically turns the light ON when motion is detected. Automatically turns the light OFF when motion no longer detected.

    Vacancy Sensors


    Light must be manually turn ON but will automatically turn off when the room is vacant and motion is no longer detected.

    Daylight Sensors


    Single zone, on/off switching photo sensor Automatic setpoint selection.

    Purchase. Install. Warranty.

    With our team of lighting engineers in Thailand and Hong Kong, Synergy Complete provides a full turnkey package that includes the supply of LEDs, delivery, installation and warranty to reduce process time, consistency, improves accountability and cost efficiency.