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One-stop service for maintenance, inspection and retrofits

As the chiller plant consumes the most energy in a building, it is important to ensure that the chiller plant has an organized schedule for maintenance, inspection and retrofits. A chiller plant is very expensive and durable. It can be operated for at least 20 years before replacement. Sometimes, it can last even longer than most employees. One common difficulty that managements and new engineering heads faced is getting backdate information related to their chiller plant. Part of the reason is because the maintenance, inspection and retrofits jobs over the years are managed by different companies. There is no consolidation of information and it is very difficult to track and monitor.

Service-Online is an application that consolidate all maintenance, inspection and retrofits jobs into one single platform for easy monitoring any time any where. You can track, set standards and use it to financially justify and get approval for your chiller plant maintenance.


Condenser Cleaning Online

Opening, inspection and cleaning of evaporative and condenser tubes improves chiller efficiency and prolong equipment lifetime. Cleaning analysis, history, pictures, reports and schedules can be accessed via Service-Online Apps.

Cooling Tower Cleaning Online

Cleaner, more efficient cooling towers can be easily maintained by using Synergy Complete cooling tower cleaning solutions. Our comprehensive cleaning packages differs based on customer's budget and requirements.


Cooling Towers piping and coating

Synergy Complete range of services include painting, refurbishing and advanced polymer composite coating for cooling towers pipings and chiller heat exchanger tube sheets. Analysis, pictures, installation and yearly evaluation are all provided and updated into Synergy Complete Web Library.

Cooling Towers Fillers replacement

Synergy Complete supplies a range of cooling tower replacement infills that has a larger contacting area and low resistance characteristics to improve thermal performance of the original fill by up to 10%. Installation, service, reports and Synergy Complete Web Library access are included as part of Synergy Complete replacement fill package.


Chill Water Treatment

Synergy Complete provides water treatment for chill water loop to prevent the chiller system from corrosion, scaling, fouling and microbiological growth. Customers can select chemical or non-chemical treatment methods to treat the chill water. All water reports, analysis and treatment dosages will be updated in the Synergy Complete Web library to provide a one stop service platform for customers.

Chiller Performance Analysis

Synergy Complete’s air engineers can help buildings analyze on energy consumption and wastage. Services include kW/ton measurement, energy audit, data analysis and AHU performance reports. All information will be stored and synced with the Synergy Complete Web Library for easier access.

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