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Cooling Tower Water Needs

Water treatment for cooling towers are traditionally used for algae control, bacteria control and scaling control. Over the years as the world become more environment friendly, customers now prefers water treatment solutions that uses less chemicals but with better results in terms of preventing energy wastage in the chillers.

Fouling in the chiller tubes can waste energy. Biofilm and scale tend to build up in chiller condenser tubes, blocking heat transfer and causing the chiller to work harder. This problem can be detected by monitoring the approach temperature of the chillers. According to most chiller companies, an increase of 1F in the approach temperature is equivalent to 1.5% energy wastage. Efficient and correct water treatment is required to ensure that your condenser tubes are clean and the heat transfer in the chillers are efficient.

Cool-Logic System

Cool-Logic System is a cooling water treatment package comprising of water technologies, software and on-site maintenance to ensure that buildings save energy and water. Our systems are selected from recommended solutions by governments across the globe and customized based on customer preferences and on-site conditions.

Water Technologies


A water softener contains a resin tank that facilitates ion exchange to bound calcium and magnesium ions to the resin and thus reduce scaling in the cooling tower systems.


Ionization indicates the electrolytic generation of metal ions into cooling tower water. Sufficient ion concentrations can effectively kill bacteria, viruses and biofilm.


Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane systems force pressure through a semipermeable membrane to separate suspended solid, bacteria and particles that are larger than 0.01 microns.


Ozone is a powerful disinfectant agent and virus deactivant that is capable to oxidize many organic and inorganic compounds. However, some limitations apply in hard water and high organic conditions.


Ultraviolet (UV) is commonly used to kill bacteria in drinking water, which can also be applied to cooling
water systems. Specific wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation are used to inactivate micro-organisms through the denaturing of their DNA.


Non oxidizing biocide, oxidizing biocide and inhibitor chemicals are water treatment methods for bacteria, scaling and corrosion control. It also prevent the deterioration of carbon steel and other alloys.

Cool-Logic Software

Cool-Logic is a software program that help engineers analyze the cooling water, bacteria content and chillers conditions to optimize the levels of treatment required to save energy and water. It generates solutions for engineers to implement corrective actions and is customized based on different water treatment technology and site conditions.

Cloud Application

Customers will be able to track their cooling water condition, water usage and energy performances online.
Email alerts, service reports and standards will be updated to customers. Air-Logic simplifies and unifies all cooling water management processes for easy monitoring on a single platform from any web-enabled device, anytime, anywhere.


An advanced water technology and a analytical software will not function well without having an efficient maintenance team to do the physical on-site inspections, repairs and equipment tuning. Cool-Logic System package includes monthly inspection, system calibration and maintenance checks by Synergy Complete engineers. Cooling water are also tested on a monthly basis to monitor the corrosion, scaling and bacteria results.

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