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Air conditioning consumes the most energy in the building

In every building, air conditioning consumes around 50% of the total energy used. This 50% energy consumption comes from mainly 2 small parts of the building, the chillers and cooling towers. Constant changes to the daily ambience and occupancy have increased the importance of optimizing the chiller plant. A wrong adjustment of the chiller plant can easily increase the total electricity bill by up to 35%. For a 300 rooms hotel, this energy wastage can be as high as over 20,000 USD per month.

Optimization of the chiller plant components such as AHUs, chillers, cooling towers and water pumps are required to prevent energy wastage. Experienced site engineers can help improve the efficiency but the buildings will also require VSDs, power meters, sensors, pressure controls and a very efficient software program to cope with the constant changes in ambience and occupancy.

Air-Logic System

Air-Logic System is a complete solution to help building owners optimize the chiller plants to prevent energy wastage and reduce the total electricity bill by up to 15%. The package comprises of an analytical software program, optimization equipments, warranty, installation, connection and optimizing of all components.

Air-Logic Software

Air-Logic is an analytical and optimization software that provides the necessary data on the chiller plant performance to achieve maximum system efficiency. It reads, analyze and fine tune the cooling towers, chillers, condenser water pumps, chill water pumps and AHUs on a real time basis to ensure that the chiller plant use the least energy to produce the required cold temperature.

Optimization Equipments

These are very important equipments that are needed to ensure chiller plant optimization. Unfortunately due to budget constraints, most buildings are not fully equipped with the full set of energy savings equipments for their chiller plant. VSDs, humidity sensors, water temp sensors, controls, power meters, data loggers, system controllers and all other equipments will be provided as part of the Air-Logic System package.


The task of installing and connecting the Air-Logic software with the optimization equipments will be handled by Synergy Complete engineers. This includes optimization and tuning during the commission process. Warranty for all components and software range between 3 to 5 years. Air-Logic customers will be entitled to free software upgrades, sensors and parts replacements during the warranty period. There will also be monthly visits by Synergy Complete engineers for servicing, optimization and tuning of power meters, sensors and other equipments.

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